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Agriculture is the major source of livelihood in Albay Province. The volcanic rocks and ashes that
Mt. Mayon spewed have destroyed at least P100 million worth of crops.

The Department of Agriculture in Albay said P100.7 million worth of unmilled rice, fruit trees, vegetables, bananas and hemp were destroyed by searing-hot volcanic ash and rocks expelled by Mayon.

The initial estimate of damage did not yet include those in coconut plantations, which were still being assessed by officials.

About 83,000 people have been displaced and more than 65,000 are being housed in tents and classrooms. Mayon usually remained active for 2 to 3 months at a time, thus the evacuees may have to stay out of their homes for at least that long.

GLOBAL EFFECT: Singapore (Reuters) - While villagers living near Mayon volcano are feeling the force of brutal eruptions almost daily, the rest of the world could feel Mayon's impact through cooler global temperature. Experts say if the dust makes it into the upper atmosphere, it would form a veil over the Earth, preventing some of the Sun's heat from reaching the Earth's surface and causing temperatures to drop. But this does not have any long-term effect.



February 21, 2000 (Monday)

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(Note: The above articles have been compiled from various newspaper reports.)